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This section introduces a wide variety of training techniques which one might need during a training, seminar or any other educational format. We distinguish here between the standard elements required in any learning processes and between specific methodology or approaches in the different learning fields.


Moderation is the ability to shape a whole learning process and guide through its single elements in cooperation with the learners and toward agreed and transparent goals. More: Planning

Standard Materials and Spatial Requirements

We assume in-person learning and the widely established practices of non-formal education as the standard. A typical setting might require the specifications listed below.

For in-person settings

  • Whiteboard or flipchart, paper, markers, pens, cards and tape or self-sticking cards.
  • A space big enough to arrange the group in a circle, usually without tables.
  • Space for group work, ideally in different rooms, or in corners of a large room if big enough for distraction-free group conversations.
  • For sharing outcomes, documentation or questions: Analogue or digital wall, board, pad, chat (e.g., an Etherpad, Pinnet or messenger group).
  • Internet access and usable devices for learners.

For digital settings

  • A pad, whiteboard or similar tools, e.g,. an Etherpad or Pinnet.
  • A video conference tool or a combination of video conference tools enabling individual or group (breakout room) participation, e.g., BigBlueButton or Jitsi.
  • Internet access and usable devices for learners.

Articles: The Standard Building Blocks

The fields of methodology described her are relevant for a broad range of trainings, workshops, or lectures, not specific in regards to content.

Section: First Steps


The section includes:

  • Needs Exploration
  • Establishing Good Working Conditions
  • Name Games and Getting to Know Each Other
  • Personalities, Beliefs, and Expertise of Your Participants

Section: Guidance through the Process


The section includes:

  • Moderation
  • Presentation & Visual Facilitation
  • Energizers & Cool-Downs
  • Big group methods

Section: Social Skills


The section includes:

  • Facilitating Conflict Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Language & Understanding

Section: Evaluation & Reflection


The section includes:

  • Individual Reflection and Assessment
  • Selected Methods for Group Evaluation
  • Self-Assessment of Facilitators

Articles: Educational Fields

The educational fields provide information on specific methodologies included in a certain learning context and relating to the specific content of the field such as citizenship, environment, arts, etc.