Silent Journey

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This method helps participants in trainings to find out what social issue they are burning for. The method can be used during a project idea development phase within a training.

Time 70 minutes

Material usual moderation material; envelopes

Group Size 10-30 people

Keywords ideas, project developmenbt, motivation


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In the room we put 4 envelopes numbered from 1 to 4. In each envelope we put one paper sheet with a task on it. Each envelope represents one of four stations participants need to pass until the end of the session. These help you to take a first step within an idea finding process. The outcome of this session is not presented to all participants.

The tasks have to be done in silence.

1. Social Issue

In the first envelope is a task for participants to think what is a social issue they are burning for (which issue is very important to them). They may write down thoughts they have during this session (time 15’).

2. Mind Map

In next envelope they find task to make a mind map on previous topic (time 15’).

3. The ideal

At the third station they visualize their thoughts regarding selected issue or to draw how they see ideal community (time 15’).

4. Steps to take

The last station is for participants to write on paper steps they are ready to take as their vision could come true (time 20’).


If the group likes, facilitators can put some relaxing silent music in background during session in order to help participants in their creational process.