Time Machine – updates in group

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This method facilitates the process of coming together as a group.

Time 30-60 minutes

Material prepared “timeline”, pieces of papers with topics

Group Size 20-30 people

Keywords story, personal exchange, getting-to-know-each-other





The time machine aims to let the group exchange the updates in the group on personal level, not touching upon the topic of the projects of participants.


Prepared line of sticky tape divided as “timeline” on the floor; small pieces of paper with different topics written on them; chairs placed next to the divisions of the timeline (e.g. one chair next to May, one next to June, one next to July).

1. Each person picks up one (if time allows more) piece of paper with a topic written on it (e.g. kitchen, adventure, travel, friends, studies, my project, love, culture, family, animals, sports, etc.). This person decides during which month an interesting story has happened to her/him connected with the chosen topic.

2. Next, the person sits on the chair next to the relevant month and tells the story.

3. This way, the group is updated about each other’s and participants’ news in life outside of their projects. More trusting atmosphere is created to support the start of the seminar.