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The activity allows participants to reflect on personal and European values. Through a participatory process of content construction participants will be able to discover how the values are interconnected and how many nuances they can take. Through informal conversations and discussions on values, reflections on different aspects of the “values” topic will be stimulated in a creative way so as to deepen their knowledge and understanding and to create space for new ideas.

Time 60 minutes

Material 5 Flipcharts. Coloured markers. Cards with stimulus questions. Handout

Group Size -80 people, -25 years old

Keywords Values, Europe, Democracy




Handbook: TEVIP Bluelines-tevip-en.png Translating European Values into Practice Download


  • Reflect on the others’ values
  • Connect one’s own values with the EU context


Prepare a room with five tables and as many chairs as there are participants. Make the environment pleasant. You can also put drinks or snacks on the table. Each table represents a value. You can choose the values according to the specific objectives you set yourself. Write each value on an A4 sheet and place it on a table so that it is easily identifiable. On each table you have a poster and coloured markers. Let the participants sit down at the tables.


Once seated, explain the purpose of the activity to the participants: find a connection between the chosen values displayed on the 5 tables and the European values. Ask the participants to choose a representative (“journalist”) for each table. The journalist must report to all the groups and in plenary what emerged in the discussion. Tell the participants that they will have 20 minutes to write down on the poster all the connections with the European values that will emerge from the discussion. To support table discussions, you can give each group a list of questions to help them reflect (see “Useful materials”). After 10 minutes, rotate the groups clockwise (or allow them to freely choose a new place); only the “journalists” will remain at the same table. The groups listen to the journalist who will present the work done by the previous group. They then offer their own contributions and reflections, adding / removing connections, and inserting different nuances. After 10 minutes, rotate the groups around again until all the participants have worked on all the tables.At the end of the activity, all the journalists report the results of the five tables in plenary.


After the activity, get back into the circle with all the participants and begin a discussion using these questions as a starting point:

  • How do you feel?
  • How did you feel during the activity?
  • Was it easy or difficult to link European values to the given values?
  • What impact do EU values have on your life?



During the debriefing you can use the posters prepared by the groups. If the group is large, double the number of tables (so the same value will be discussed in two tables) so that each group is made up of no more than 6 people: this will facilitate the active participation of all.