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A summary helps participants in a discussion, a training or a meeting to follow the thread. Especially in discussions a moderator needs to calm down the passions, or to help the audience and involved disputants to find the common main question again.

Material space for small groups

Group Size 20 people

Keywords moderation, communication




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Participants learn to summarize the relevant aspects of a conversation. They learn to deal with opposite opinions in a respectful way.


1. Discussion in a small group (3 people): A moderator has the task to summarize a small discussion. The other two persons represent the opposite disputants and start a discussion of one relevant topic. [5 Minutes]

2. Summary: The moderator summarizes. [1 Minutes]

3. Feedback: The moderator gets a feedback for the summary from both disputants. [1 Minute]

4. Change of Roles: All participants step into the role of the moderator.