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  • Investigate and develop an active approach in response to different forms of control and surveillance interfering in private, social, political and human rights spheres


1. Small groups (max five participants for each) go for a walk in public and look for the devices that could allow third parties to locate someone’s position and trace them (public, transport companies, cars, your mobile devices, wearables, etc.).

2. Use your smartphone and take a picture of the group from the possible position of the cameras you detect.

3. Paint a map and print the pictures of the traces you potentially left, or place the pictures digitally



Think and discuss in the group, what the purpose of surveillance might be and what institution is behind it (public, private, etc.). Discuss how to develop tactical individual or public action to raise awareness about surveillance.

Try out some smart tactics to act and raise awareness.

  • What forms of control and surveillance are you aware of in your everyday life?
  • What would be tactics to counter being traced?
  • What might the benefits of being traced be?
  • How might we challenge automated surveillance?

Valentina Vivona

Researcher at the Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT), a think tank focused on South-East Europe, Turkey and the Caucasus located in Trento (Italy).

Time 1.5-3 hours

Material Standard and city map. If digitally conducted: Openstreetmap, smartphone with camera.

Group Size 5-25 people

Keywords surveillance, control




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