Campaign: Alternatives to Plastic Bags

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The Moldovian organization EcoVisio wants to reduce the amount of plastic bags and to promote responsible consumption and active citizenship in Moldova. Therefore it raises through Education for Sustainable Development and a campaign awareness on the ecological issues and motivates young people to get actively involved in finding a solution.

1st Round Table - Project KickOff

The Moldovian fair of ecological opportunities and social entrepreneurship "IarmarEco" hosted a round table which served as starting point of the project. At the round table different stakeholders including the deputy minister of ecology (Dorin Dusciac) the representatives of civil society and young activists met together to discuss for the first time the problem and possible solutions. During IarmarEco several events, such as, for example, workshops for bag design and decoration, presentations, bags exhibition, took place simultaneously.

Seminar - EcoBag - Making alternatives attractive


20 innovative and energetic students and activists developed creative designs and mottoes for fabric bags.

Seminar - EcoBags - A solution that works


Activists developed awareness raising activities. They learned the basics of campaigning, fundraising, crowd funding, project management. During the seminar participants have planned four campaigns for promoting alternatives for plastic bags in their community.

Workshop: Social Advertisement

Participants involved in the creation process of short video spots through all the stages starting from elaboration of the scenario concept, storyboard, shooting with different devices, cutting, promotion etc. Through learning by doing they acquired knowledge and skills necessary for creation of simple socio-ecologic video-spots.

The outcome: A spot for using fabric bags

Round table - Facilitating the discourse

A second round table involved numerous stakeholders:

  • representatives of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova,
  • environmental NGOs,
  • representatives of foreign embassies and international organizations,
  • economic agents,
  • environmental activists,
  • media

The participants were invited for open discussions to find possible solutions of the problem of plastic waste in the Republic of Moldova. The round table concludes with the elaboration of a vision of Moldova in 2020 without plastic bags.



Non-governmental organisation and facilitators network from Moldova for sustainable development, Education for Sustainable Development and environmental learning.



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