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An Active Role in Society

The competencies required for people to become involved in sustainable public engagement are closely related to universal key competences, but they distinguish themselves in one regard: Civic involvement is an idea based on normative aspects. It promotes those skills that allow people to become active, responsible citizens in a society that respects the rights and the involvement of its individuals and fundamental democratic values.

On a European level, the Council of Europe promotes the combined approach of "Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education. more

More than a lot of other educational approaches citizenship education is an active approach, combining knowledge, attitude and active engagement. As such, the approach also has some points of connection to other action- and impact-oriented learning opportunities, such as Entrepreneurship Education or Cultural Education.

Articles, Checklists and Method

Here you find practical methods to use for training communication skills in your events.

Citizenship Education: Definitions
Activism and Participation in Digital Transformation
AI and bias
Citizen science
Conspiracy: In Doubt Against Democracy
Digital global interdependencies
Digital Divide
Feelings and Fear - as a Topic and Resource
Facial recognition technology
Fake News, Disinformation, Malinformation
Fake through AI
How AI works (with humans)
Online Participation
Public Services under Transformation
Sharing – a cultural shift
Social media: a human need
Storytelling and Stereotypes
The main European digital competences frameworks
Tracking us: Quantified self
Maker Culture
Networks under certain circumstances
Our Digital Voices: New Ways to Communicate
Visualize data for a social purpose: mapping

Against racism
American Debate
A social perspective on digitalisation
A week with Wanda
Battle of values
Build me up
Card-moderated Exchange
Code of Conduct
Democracy Circle
Democracy Scrabble
Different models of networks
Economic perspective on digitalisation
Email To A Company
Fitness and Health Tracking
Found and Lost
Freedom of expression
Give Europe your voice
Gotta play ball!
Hate Speech Bingo
How normal am I?
Human Rights Quiz
Insult ABC
Learning Democracy through Analogue Games
Map your neighborhood
Movie Analysis
Orbiting values
Open Tables
Make Memes
My motivation(s)
Poster Check
Project Impact on Community
Renting an apartment
Smart Sims
Scenario Method: World of Work in 20 Years
Spot the Fake News
Surveying surveillance
Task: Digital Divide
Task: Online participation
Task: Start with "Why"
The meaning of nation
The new planet
Value Auction
Values in the Teamwork
Ways to deal with internal criticism
World Power- Europe
What is Democracy?
Who Can Change Things...
Why do people get involved?

Checklist: Crucial Questions
Checklist: Different aspects of information disorder
Checklist: How to build hashtag campaigns for social change
Checklist: How to plan a citizen science project
Checklist: Why do I get involved?
Checklist: Irritate biometric systems
Checklist: Real vs. generated photos



Inspiring Handbooks and Resources: Activism, Civil Engagement

Inspiring Handbooks and Resources: Entrepreneurship