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“Maker culture is perceived as DIY culture on the surface. What sets maker culture apart from the traditional culture of crafts is that the artistic and creative elements are often complemented by digital components. The global economy and the latest technologies are utilised in learning and networking as well as in production and distribution. Interest in maker culture has grown as technology has become more affordable and accessible. Equipment that is now within the reach of hobbyists can be used to carry out projects that were previously restricted to the realm of professionals”.

H. Karppinen (Kiviniemi, 2019)

Making is an approach which is not only interesting for STEAM education or youth work, but has a huge potential for learning in all generations. Many publicly accessible maker spaces or Fab Labs have opened recently in Europe - some commercially, but many that are also maintained by non-profit associations and public authorities. Some public libraries have also broadened their activities in this direction.


  • Hacking: giving things new purpose – from furniture to computers
  • 3D printing: printing objects based on ready-to-use templates or creating new designs
  • CRC: laser cutting
  • Coding and hardware
  • Robotics, AI

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