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A radio/podcast workshop. Radio and podcast as tools for participation and information sharing.


  • Ability to create media content
  • Finding, analysing and assembling information.


1. Start with a playful activity connected to communication. When the group don’t know each other it can serve also the purpose of introductions.

2. Theoretical input about radio/podcast, its history, its effect.

3. Discussion of work order and structure of the message in a radio contribution (introduction + main part + conclusion)

4. Brainstorm and group with the help of daily newspapers and young people’s ideas different possible topics. Don’t use more than 15 minutes.

5. Choose the topic that most people find appealing and has no negative reactions. Decision can be fast, other liked topics can be tackled in next sessions. Don’t use more than 5 minutes.

6. Group discussion on the chosen topic to map group personal points of view and positions.

7. In smaller groups, elaboration of questions for a street sur-vey and sharing.

8. Go to a well-frequented location near the workshop site for an hour long street survey.

9. 30 minutes summary of the results and impressions of the street surveys.

10. 60 minutes recording of the individual group works (introduction + main part incl. street surveys and commentary, conclusion).

11. Reflection and debriefing.

12. Editing through cutting and final uploading for sharing.




Survival Toolkit for Education for Democratic Citizenship in Post-factual Societies. DARE Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe, Brussels 2017/18.


Cooperation with private or local radio stations has proven to be very favourable. You can design radio/podcast workshops only with the recording function of smartphones. The quality is often sufficient. However, a radio/podcast workshop becomes authentic only through the use of microphones and audio recorders. These are very cheap to buy in a set and give the workshop that certain something. Be brave and try something

Time 4 hours

Material Audio recorder, speakers

Group Size 10+ people

Keywords Democracy, Europe, human rights





STEPS-cover.jpg Survival Toolkit for EDC in Post-factual Societies