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Competendo is supporting a holistic view on education and learning. A perspective which is giving equal importance to knowledge, practical skills, attitudes and values. Competence-centered facilitation acknowledges that these all play together. Competences help people to integrate what they’ve learned into their lives in complex situations, as active citizens, or use these competences in a context of societal transformation like in the digitalisation.

Why Civic Competences are Especially Important

Education for Democratic Citzenship, understood as competency-based learning, aims to foster initiative, an active role of an individual in public life. This includes a systematic understanding of how one's individual engagement is connected to the society and the political system, or helping citizens/learners to develop a democratic attitude toward other people and groups. All of these abilities are requirements for any successful co-creation and public engagement.

  • Competence-centered learning is the approach.
  • Cooperative experiential learning is the methodology.
  • (Self-)empowerment and participation are the output.
  • Social change is the impact.

Check Terminology: Glossaries

These glossaries will explain and translate terms:


Section: Compe­tence Focus


The section includes:

  • Competence-based learning,
  • Aspects of experiential learning,
  • Power and participation,
  • Motivation and inspiration.

Section: Digital@Learning


The section includes:

  • Digital in the Learning Process
  • Social, Political, Cultural Background about Digitalisation

Section: Group and Inter­per­sonal Aspects


The section includes:

  • Teamwork and Group Dynamics
  • Communication
  • Diversity
  • Conflict Management


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