Democracy Circle

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An interactive method for learning more about the diverse perspectives within a group on a topic.

Time 60 min

Material Prepared poster with the democracy circle, markers

Group Size 20 people

Created By nez

Keywords democracy, multiperspectivity, group


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Self-reflection of a personal perspective on a topic. Gettink to know different perspectives.


  1. Preparation: A poster with the word "DEMOCRACY" in the center and a circle around it.
  2. The facilitator asks to answering the question "What does democracy mean for me personally, what is my relation, am I far away from the center of the term, near or very close?" [5 minutes]
  3. Participants answer, showing on the poster, where they'd like to locate themselves and place a individual symbol on the poster. They might explain their attitude.
  4. Generally the facilitators and other participants are not allowed to give comments or to evaluate the statements. The method should be conducted quite fast [30 minutes]


  1. The facilitator focuses on a short analysis of the tendencies in the the group and paraphrazes the reasons for the participants' decisions. [20 minutes]


Alternatively you can chose other words than "democracy", like Europe, nation, involvement...


A good step into the topic. Be aware that often a sceptical and critical attitude comes at first. Prevent to comment this or to intervene.