Secret Mission

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This method fosters group dynamics and activates participants by creating extracurricular opportunities of engagement.

Time Throughout the training

Material Printed or hand-written papers with the task

Group Size 25-30 people

Keywords Extracurricular activities





  • Fostering initiative
  • Creating a proactive and collaborative group process


1. Every participant gets a secret mission and s/he has to fulfil the mission till the last day of the seminar.

2. The missions can be connected with the seminar topic or with any skill the seminar aims at honing (e.g. if the seminar topic is Sustainable Development the task can ask to “Develop a strategy of dealing with the paper waste accumulated during the seminar” or “Take care that all the participants are on time” etc.)

3. On the last day the participants reveal their secret missions and share their insights.


This activity can be used to encourage independent learning and exploration of the seminar topic after the training hours.