Sustainable Code of Conduct

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Which rules and incentives can we establish to act sustainably during our meetings? Ask participants to brainstorm ideas for your Code of Conduct.

Time 90 minutes

Material room, paper and pens

Group Size 5-20 people

Keywords sustainability, code of conduct, common principles





Inspiration for a personal or a group Code of Conduct.


1. Review CoCs from NGOs, companies, or governmental organizations.

2. We propose working on the various aspects of Sustainable Development in small groups. Create the shared CoC on a flipchart. Since the code should apply to the whole group, make sure that everybody agrees to it and feels ownership over it.


  • Arpine Galfayan, Sebastian Wehrsig, Nils-Eyk Zimmermann: Environment and Civil Involvement; How Can We Connect Sustainable Development Education and Active Citizenship Empowerment? ISBN 978-3-944012-01-8 Online

Arpine Galfayan

Eypert for Education for Sustainable Development and activist for active citizenship from Jerewan, Armenia.