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Time 20-40 minutes

Material room, paper and pens

Group Size 10-20 people

Keywords group evaluation





This method aims at letting the participants conduct a small-scale survey among each other, having a vivid visual representation of the survey outcome and facilitating a discussion around the survey outcome.


1. Come up with sets of Yes/No questions which either target the same issue from various angles or elicit answers to the different aspects of the same issue.

2. Prepare as many sets as many participants you have in the group.

3. Aim at having equal number of questions in each set. Later create the template for the bar charts and duplicate it according to the number of questions in the set (find a sample attached).

4. Pass out the created handout and give the following directions:

  • Everyone gets to survey everyone, ask all the questions in the handout and record the answers.
  • When the person‘s answer is a „yes“ the interviewer has to colour one square from the bottom of the page.
  • If the answer is a „no“ the interviewer has to put a minus in one square starting from the top of the page.
  • In the end they should have a bar chart similar to this one:

- - - - -
- -   - -
  -   - -
  -   - -
  - -
Question 1:"..." Question 2:"..." Question 3:"..." Question 4:"..." Question 5:"..."

5. Ask everyone two present their findings and analyze their bar charts.

6. Debrief the activity adjusting the questions you have prepared to the findings in the group.


This method is rather time-consuming to be implemented in big groups.

The directions are a bit complicated and there is a need for good comprehension check questions before starting the surveying process.