A letter from the past

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Participants of a training or seminar document the aspects of a meeting that are most essential for their future activities. They remember these aspects and gain motivation after the meeting .

Time 20-30 minutes

Material Materials: drawings supplies, collages, ...

Group Size individual work that can also be done in a group

Created By nez

Keywords evaluation, perspectives




1. Preparation: Take care for magazins, cissors, glue, pencils, papers of different colors, and other materials for creative work.

2. Instruction: Participants are instructed to write a letter to themselves to be mailed in the future. This message is intended to remind them of their goals and should motivate them. The content of the message can be a drawing, an object, a text – anything that fits into the envelope.

3. Give participants time for working on their individual letter.

4. Collect the closed and (by the participant) sealed letter and send it after four weeks to the address on the envelope.

Take care

  • Use larger envelopes if your budget allows you to send them by mail.