Targeted feedback

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With this method many different aspects can be quickly evaluated within a group in a transparent way.

Time 15-20 minutes

Material room, paper and pens

Group Size 5-25 people

Created By nez

Keywords feedback, evaluation


Beginning of sentences

The beginning of sentences are written on the poster or hung on the wall. Now you conclude the sentences – at best on your own paper. Afterwards you pin your continuation under the corresponding beginning of the sentence, so that everyone can read them and – when you want it – can discuss them. Possible examples:

  • I liked that...
  • It has disturbed me that...
  • I wish as a next step...
  • I would profit more, when...

Illustration of the method

Preparation of the method

You paint a target on a poster. It is divided in circular rings and segments like in darts. The rings have “notes” from 5 to 1 from the inside outwards. Besides, you draw as many segments as there are aspects, about which you want to hear an opinion.


All participants get a pencil and they can evaluate each segment. Like with darts the best evaluation is in the middle and the lowest in the outside ring. When you evaluate an aspect ideally, you paint a dot in the ring with the number 5; when you are very dissatisfied, a dot goes to the ring with the number 1.


The advantage of this method: many different aspects can be quickly evaluated, and all learners have immediately a good general insight and overview.