Decision cake

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With this method you can determine in a group which subjects you want to deal with and which project goal is for you crucial.

Time 20 minutes

Material room, paper and pens

Group Size 5-25 people

Created By H. Fahrun

Keywords evaluation, decisionmaking


Illustration of the decision cake

Or you can identify the most important aspects of further planning in the team.

You can also gather what you like in the subject, which organizational or regarding the contents aspects of the project were most interesting.

When to use?

You can use this method at the beginning of the work period or the seminar, but at the end of the project as well.


As a first step, you gather all possible aspects, subjects, goals, area of responsibility. You number them. Afterwards begins an individual work. Each of you draws a circle or cuts it out of the cardboard. Now you divide the circle – like with the cake – into pieces of a cake: important aspects become a large piece of the cake, the less important the smaller. At the end, the pieces of each participant are compared, in order to find out the biggest (=the most important) of all.