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This activity can be used during the last day of the training to create a lasting bond during the participants.

Time 20-30 minutes

Material room, loudspeakers, meditation music

Group Size 10-40 people

Keywords Reflection, Appreciation





This method guides the participants through a process of reflecting on the training days with a special focus on expressing their gratitude to their fellow group members.


Ask all the participants and facilitators to sit silently and with closed eyes in a circle. Play soothing and relaxing music to create a nice and warm atmosphere. Now tell everybody that it is very important that they close their eyes and keep them closed throughout the activity. Next you touch two or three people, ask them to open their eyes and get to the center. Now I ask them: Touch somebody who…

  • inspired you
  • who touched you during the training days
  • whom you are thankful for being here

After each question give them some time (20-30 second) to touch a few persons.

Next ask them to sit down again and close their eyes. Then get the next three persons with the next three questions. Keep in mind, not to forget anybody. The questions can repeat. Think before designing the questions - for each block there should be at least one easy question where they can touch a lot. Watch also out that everybody gets touched. If there is anybody not very popular in the group you might jump in and touch this person (stand close to this person before!) After the last one music goes to an end and everybody can wake up. There is no evaluation. You can just say that you hope that everybody got touched because everybody brought something unique to this group.

Sample questions: Who gave you courage? Who gave you a new idea? With whom would you like to stay in contact? Whom you find attractive and you want to get to know better? From whom did you learn something? With whom did you enjoy doing an activity? Who made you laugh? Who helped you out? With whom do you want to participate in another seminar? With whom did you experience something special? Who is a model for you in certain things?


In our group there was nobody in danger not to be touched by her/his group mates, however, this is a point worth considering before choosing to implement this exercise.