Creative Hunting

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A creative challenge for teams

Time 60 min

Material Scissors. Set of few materials (piece of paper, maker, rope, etc) for each team.

Group Size 20-30 people

Keywords teambuilding, trust, group, experience based





Participants start a team process by learning about each other. They start an exchange about their needs in teamwork.

How to do it

All participants are split into 2 or 3 groups. Each group gets the same set of materials and instruments.

All get the same task: Each team should create an animal using the materials they get and can find outside. An animal should have: a name, a story, four legs, should stay in the room without being held, should be nice, creative, etc…

After all participants understood the task they have 40 minutes to fulfill the task. After deadline the teams present their animals.


  • How was the work?
  • What is important for teamwork?
  • What did you feel?
  • What roles were there in the team?
  • Resources? Deadline? Leadership? Challenges?


The task could include more components such as: animal must be at least 1 meter high, etc. To make the task more challenging fewer or no instruments should be given to each team at the beginning of the exercise. To show the importance of the deadline possible not to accept the work of the group after deadline.



Non-governmental organisation and facilitators network from Moldova for sustainable development, Education for Sustainable Development and environmental learning.