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Bullet journalling is a creative methodology how to strucuture notes and thoughts, and how to save thoughts and inspiration. It can be used by facilitators and participants , in example in learning journals or in note-keeping.

Material notebook, pens (eventually different colors, tips...

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Bullet journalling is a methodology and set of principles aiming to help learners to structure their work, notes, and reflection. In other words: Bullet journalling aims you to make better use of your notebook and to storage your notes easier.

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Developed by Ryder Carroll the method became popular due to its adaptability to the different needs of users. The message is: Shape the journal as you like, use the tables, checklists or collections that fit for you. Furthermore, bullet journalling is possible with any kind of notebook, what makes it easy to use in educational context, in example for a learning logbook, or as part of a portfolio. Due to this openness it fits to different kind of learner personalities.

Introduction Into Bullet Journalling


Different Kind of Entries

Basically entries make use of a specific language:

· task

○ event

- note

This makes it possible to change the shape of tasks:

· uncompleted task

x completed task

< task to be transferred to the so called future log (a new to do list outside the current month)

> task to be transferred to one of the collections (the monthly plan, or another daily log page)

These small examples show already, how on the level of the entries some structure helps to structure the mind.

Different Kind of Pages

The System proposes different kind of "logs". A vivid community is continuously coming up with new ideas. In example the jorunal might include

  • an agenda,
  • opens space for visual notes,
  • to-do-lists
  • day journals,
  • activity or behaviour trackers
  • Find here inspiration: Ryder's blog


  1. Photo: Bich Tran
  2. Source of the video: https://bulletjournal.com