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The task helps learners to reflect their user habit and digital identity in social media.


  • Address the concepts of digital identity, self-storytelling and popularity drawing on the dopamine chapters about Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook


1. Participants watch and comment on the dopamine videos about Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook

2. Individually, the participants will define their digital identity building on:

  • own nickname
  • number of friends (mentioning at least 5 names or nicknames)
  • 5 adjectives to describe oneself
  • 5 most used (or favorite) emojis
  • 5 photos (or posts) recently liked
  • 5 photos (or posts) recently posted

3. The trainer will then assign each digital autobiography to another student who will have the task of formatting this autobiography as faithfully as possible on a poster. The profiles will then be displayed and the participants will choose whether to subscribe or not to a profile (by using paper or posting comments on them). The trainer will pay particular attention to letting the participants explain their choices and define with them what determines popularity.


  • Do you think you own your digital identity?
  • What are the others’ perceptions of your digital self?
  • Have you ever reflected on what representation of yourself is on your social networks?
  • When you post on social networks, do you think about who will see your content? Does this affect you somehow?
  • Do you think it is important to reflect on these aspects? Why?

Caroline Guédan

First published on Réseau Canopé: Mon application préférée in French by Caroline Guédan.

Time 1-2 hours

Material Standard, projector

Group Size 2-20 people

Keywords digital identity, social media, social comparison, popularity




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