Tips for Increasing the Participants' Levels of Ownership and Involvement

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Five easy and straightforward methods for boosting the participants' involvement in the training organization, delivery and evaluation and thereby increasing their sense of ownership.

Time Throughout the training

Group Size 5-55 people

Keywords ownership, involvement, responsibility, participation




1. Joint preparation of the next day together with participants (at least 2) and trainers

In order to create more space for responsibility, ownership and action for the participants, the facilitators can invite them every day for the evening sessions, where they implement the feedback into the planning processes and plan the next day with bigger team.

2. A public event fully planned by the participants

If there is a public event, you can let the participants assume full responsibility for its planning and implementation.

3. Prepare the daily evaluations in pairs – one participant and one trainer, facilitated by participants.

The participant and facilitator due can come of with methods and questions for the evaluation of the day activity and afterwards the participants can implement it.

4. Goodbye party planned by the participants

Give the participants a certain amount of money (optional) and ask to plan the goodbye event. They should be in charge of reporting the expenses and keeping the receipts for the payments their purchases. They should organize the music, negotiate the timing with the hotel staff, obtain the necessary items, etc.

5. Additional tasks – energizer, cleaning up, taking care of refreshment breaks

The participants and/or participant teams may be in charge of coming up and carrying out the daily energizer activities, cleaning up the training space and organizing the refreshment breaks.


"Usually 2 participants attended the joint preparation of the day on equal conditions (eye level). That turned out to be a very good method and we recommend it a lot! Participants were facilitating the presentations of the day."

The Bridge It team