Color Diary

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The Color diary is a creative tool which can be used for evaluation of the day throughout the training.

Time 15 minutes a day throughout the seminar

Material Wall, papers, crayons/oil pastels

Group Size 20-30 people

Created By Teresa Grünhage

Keywords Reflect, Visualize



The activity aims to visualise the mood without words, to catch their personal/Group atmosphere.


1. Use this method every evening as an individual reflection of the day.

2. Ask everybody to sit in silence and closes their eyes for 1-2 minutes while thinking about feelings during the seminar, about the group, facilitators’ input, their learning outcomes, etc.

3. Then ask to open the eyes again and chose oil pastels for painting their personal small picture of the recap of the day.

4. Hang up these pictures on one wall in a special order so that you can see the process of each participant.

Color Diary.png


Having a visual representation of the participants' feelings throughout the training is a very useful thing to have. It can be used as a reference during the evaluation of the training.