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Empowerment, Democracy Learning, Self-organisation Library

A lot of handbooks, toolboxes or other publications are published all over the world. Although publishing takes time, costs nerves and also money, the authors haven't done this for financial reasons. As diverse as they may be, most of them aim to improve formal and non-formal learning or to empower people for democratic citizenship and civic engagement. Competendo aims to showcase best practices from this community. If you like it, contact the authors and let them know! The library is updated regularly.

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Competendo Handbooks for Facilitators

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Facilitation in General

Competence Frameworks

For Learners

For Educationial Professionals, Facilitators




Activism/­Active Citizenship/Project Work

Conflict, Values & Controversial Issues



Conspirational Thinking, Fake, Hate


Data & Reports

Evidence and Data about Democracy, Human Rights, Media...


Digital Transformation


Digital & Media Competence

Games and Interactive


Internet, Data, AI


Privacy Protection


Diversity, Inclusion, Discrimination


Education for Sustainable Development/ Global Learning

Energizer, Cooperation Games, Sports


Entrepreneurship Education

Game-based learning and facilitation


Game-based Learning - Offline


Human Rights

Language Animation

Mentoring and One-to-one Learning




Assessment, Evaluation, Learning Outcome

Books & Web

Apps and Tools

Data and Reports

Privacy Protection

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