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European, international and global dimensions of learning processes.

Editors: M. Haberl, J. Teynor, N. Zimmermann, M. Prahl

Design: S. Georgiev

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80 pages, 2017.

The development of a globalised world and intensified European cooperation brought about a lot of movement in terms of goods. People are moving more – because of their needs, struggles, or for pleasure. Thus, even in everyday routines we are already embedded in a global context – we are global citizens. Objects, ideas, people from “beyond everyday,” from beyond our city, region or even state contribute and shape our daily lives and our opportunities. As global humans, we talk about global issues with our friends and families, and as facilitators, teachers and trainers to children, youth or adult learners. Hardly any of the issues we work on can be fully understood without addressing the global connections behind them.

This handbook is designed to support you in including the global, the international and the European perspectives in your educational work. It offers a variety of opportunities to interlace these perspectives in your daily work as a teacher, tutor, trainer, facilitator, group leader, educator, or a volunteer in civic initiatives.

From the Table of Content:

  • How global, international and European learning contributes to competency development
  • European dimension
  • International dimension
  • Global dimension
  • Outlook


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