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A Cross-cutting Issue in a More Global World

In the 21st century education is always global, more or less no matter what topic or approach we are talking about. Here you find theoretical background information and practical methods.

Global Learning is concerned with the connections between regions, cultures, and people across geographic boundaries. In a globalized world and under the sign of developments that encompass the world, such as digitalisation, climate change or economic globalization, it is increasingly becoming a transversal topic. Global Citizenship Education aims to merge the approaches of Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education with Global Learning.

Global Citizenship Education

Inspiring Handbooks and Resources

Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development


Standard Building Blocks:

Educational Fields:

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Handbook Everyday-beyond-book-cover.png

M. Haberl, J. Teynor, M. Prahl,
N. Zimmermann

The Everyday Beyond

European, international and global dimensions of learning processes: Read more

Handbook Gyw-suedwind-cover.jpg

Kate Allen, Charlotte Dwyer

Global Youth Work: Activities for Global Citizenship

Scotdec and partners from C.E.G.A (Bulgaria), JKC (Lithuania), Future Worlds Centre (Cyprus), Südwind Agentur (Austria) and MTÜ Mondo (Estonia): Read more