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This book is designed by youth workers and global education experts to promote global youth work as a mainstream practice across Scotland. It can be incorporated into a wider youth programme by using selective activities or as a comprehensive programme.

A global approach to youth work

We live in a fast-changing and interdependent world and every day face a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues, connecting us to other parts of the world.

Education for Global Citizenship promotes global sustainable development and social justice. It is not just about far away problems, but addresses the local connections we have to global issues. It encourages people to reflect on their attitudes and values, supporting them to develop critical thinking skills. It does not teach specific content or points of view but aims to provide multiple perspectives within which individuals can explore their own sense of identity and place in the world.

Education for Global Citizenship does not provide answers but offers the potential of supporting young people in becoming conscious global citizens who question the world and are committed to their ideals. Likewise, exploring values, attitudes and developing critical thinking skills is integral to the core principles of youth work. Therefore embedding a more global approach to youth work can only add value to current practice by recognising that concerns young people already have about for example, crime, justice and education are as much linked to global issues as they are to local ones.

How to use the book

The book is jointly written by a diverse group of people from across Europe, reflected in the contrasting style, terminology and layout of each chapter. The aim is to provide activities which are rooted in distinctive cultural perspectives, so they are intended to be adapted to fit the needs and profile of each unique group.

Each themed chapter contains background information, activities to introduce the topic and ideas for exploring further.


Global Youth Work

Activities for Global Citizenship

All Activity Sheets and photos are available to download: Download