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Projects are a good framework for gaining experience, making a societal impact, building networks, and putting democratic or idealistic principles into practice. Therefore it is a good idea to encourage participants to seek out volunteer project work.

Basic criteria

  • Projects relate to a social relevant issue or topic (social impact)
  • They are focused on clear goals (theory of change)
  • They have a defined time frame
  • They plan resources like human, financial, environmental and other resources
  • Projects involve other people and the community according to the ideal of participation
  • There is a logical description of how the project has an impact on people, the community or the environment after it will finish (sustainability)

Possible indicators for checking the social impact of a project idea


how values are reflected in the goals (working for what) and in the operative concept (how to work).


the team members are independent and feel responsible for their activities.

Development of personal capacities:

team members use their learned capacities

Societal relevance:

the project links individual action with societal impact.


a project represents an individual thought or concept as an answer to societal needs.

A Project Concept

In the following step, to create a more concrete project concept, you can use a basic template for a project concept. In this way, participants learn to transform a broad and often not yet very detailed idea in a type of elaborated logical description. Offer your participants to create such a text step-by-step. Maybe these method templates could fit to your needs:

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