What five platforms know most about you

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Platforms are digital infrastructures with the following features: personalised interactions, datafication, monetisation, other added value, circulation of data. Look at all platforms where you are registered or which you are using (not only social media or shopping).


  • Understanding the concept behind platforms.
  • Exploring the variety of platforms. Reflecting on your own and other users’ behaviour.


1. Ask yourself:

  • Which platforms do you use?
  • Which ones know the most about you?
  • What information do they have?

2. Look at your

  • mobile device or smartphone,
  • fitness tracker
  • or other digitised devices: from cars to smart lightbulbs.

Complete your collection.

3. Exchange:

  • What kind of platforms know most about you?
  • Describe the overall “species” and the concrete name of a service/an app.
  • Facilitators might take notes and cluster the mentioned platforms


  • Which platforms are popular among your group?
  • Which ones used by others did you not yet know?
  • What do they know about you – and what kind of knowledge would you like to limit?
  • What aspects of these mentioned platforms would need more attention from a democracy and digital rights perspective?

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Nils-Eyk Zimmermann

Nils-Eyk Zimmermann

Editor of Competendo. Coordinator of the project DIGIT-AL Digital Transformation in Adult Learning for Active Citizenship. Secretary of the DARE network. Topics: active citizenship, civil society, digital transformation, non-formal and lifelong learning, capacity building. Blogs here: Blog: Civil Resilience. Email: office@dare-network.eu

Time 45 minutes

Material Standard

Group Size 5-25

Keywords platforms, datafication, digital self




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