What five platforms know most about you?

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Platforms are digital infrastructures with the following features: personalised interactions, datafication, monetisation, other added value, circulation of data. Look at all platforms where you are registered or which you are using (not only social media or shopping).


  • Understanding the concept behind platforms.
  • Exploring the variety of platforms. Reflecting on your own and other users’ behaviour.


1. Ask yourself: Which platforms do you use? Which ones know the most about you? What information do they have?

2. Look at your mobile device or smartphone, fitness tracker or other digitised devices – and complete your collection.

3. Exchange: What kind of platforms know most about you: Describe the overall “species” and the concrete name.


  • Which platforms are popular among your group?
  • Which ones used by others did you not yet know?
  • What do they know about you – and what kind of knowledge would you like to limit?
  • What aspects of these mentioned platforms would need more attention from a democracy and digital rights perspective?


Time 45 minutes

Material Standard

Group Size 5-25

Keywords platforms, datafication, digital self




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