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A certificate is a communication instrument toward participants and third persons. Furthermore it informs about the facilitators and their organization, its values and their capacities. Credibility and trustworthness are crucial aspects here. This template gives orientation toward realistic and informative certificates.

Exhibiting organization

  • Address
  • Contact
  • Responsible person


  • Name of the person
  • Date of birth
  • Living place

...attended successfully...


  • Seminar, training, academy, workshop, project week, project, international encounter...
  • Where, how long, what kind of experts/trainers, what kind of group
  • How learning took place, what kind of learning idea was behind the venue? Non-formal education, peer education, networking, capacity building for activists, experts in the field of ..


The participants dealt with the subjects of (using active words)...

  • Topic 1:
    • Knowledge aspect: Participants know...
    • Skill aspect: participants can do...
    • Attitude aspect: participants perceive, evaluate ...
  • Topic 2:
    • Knowledge aspect
    • Skill aspect
    • Attitude aspect
  • Topic3:
    • Knowledge aspect
    • Skill aspect
    • Attitude aspect

Specific Quality

XY distinguishes oneself through...

  • a perceived quality,
  • exceptional behavior, skill or knowledge,
  • using active words


Eventually describe one or two situations: what happened, what did XY and what impact this action had.

Closing formula

  • Thank
  • Wish for the future

Place, Date