Let's Play Democracy Barometer

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Tools to playfully explore what democracy means and what constitutes the quality of a democracy. The analogue democracy games were developed based on insights from the research project Democracy Barometer.

The research project Demokratiebarometer aimed to measure the quality of established democracies. Its here presented game adaptions are particularly suitable as

  • a playful introductions for people without explicit previous knowledge
  • a starting point for controversial discussions about democracy and different forms of democracies
  • an in-depth study of the democracy concept of the research project Democracy Barometer

The rules of the games are included in the card sets, which are available as free downloads and together with more background information about the different game variations and the thematic context: online and in the manual (currently available in German only).


Democracy Barometer


Published by Rebecca Welge according to the handbook: Ruth-Lovell, Saskia; Welge, Rebecca; and Lovell, Robert (2019): Democracy and Games: Let's Play Democracy Barometer, print & play materials, Demokrative - Initiative for Political Education.