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Open Badges is a digital approach for sharing badges for learning achievements, similar like the scout movement does it with textile badges on the scouts' uniforms. They can represent any achievement from simple participation to evidence-backed competency development in learning processes.

The idea of OpenBadges was initiated by Mozilla Foundation in 2011 as an open tool. The foundation takes care about standardization, technical implementation and the neccesary ecosystem of issuing partners.

Join a platform

Issuing organizations join one of the platforms and provide here their badges, in example via Badge Craft

How badges might look

The Creative Learning Cookbook project shaped nice badges for their participants: Badges Sample

Benefits of issuing Open Badges

  • Recognition of any kind of achievement in any setting, across the different stages of an individual’s life.
  • Building pathways to support individuals to work towards learning goals, provide learning routes
  • They are based on an Open Specification which enables badges to be issued and transferred across the web
  • They provide a new way to identify talent based on competency and attitude
  • Providing an alternative way for the description of skills and achievements.

Source: After Open Badges

Nils-Eyk Zimmermann

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