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Why should one belief in the success of your project? Is there a logical connection between your observation of society and the intended outcome that you seek to gain? Your impact chain gives an answer to these questions with a clear "yes".

Time 45 minutes

Material paper and pens

Group Size 1-5 people

Keywords concept, planning, impact



Impact is a very common used term for the explanation of the things or behaviors an activity intends to change in the society.

  • It helps learners to deepen their understanding of their possible impact.
  • It helps in evaluating their impact.
  • It shows opportunities for optimizing efficiency in gaining impact.


Explanation: The model has three major dimensions: Resources, actions, and outcome/impact. Like it is visible in the drawing, all dimensions are connected. You may start to collect and write down the items for each of these three fields.

Theory of change.png

0. Vision behind it

  • what behavior or state you want to change
  • what you want to develop
  • what you want to invent

1. Resources

  • Your know-how
  • Partners
  • Finances
  • In kind resources

2. Actions

  • Concrete Steps and formats of action, like:
  • 1. Training 1
  • 2. Activity X
  • 3. Working Meeting Y
  • 4. Publication Z

3. Concrete Outcome/Output

  • Numbers of affected people
  • Number of activities
  • Involved Media
  • And other somehow measurable information

4. Impact

  • Improvement of Skills
  • Gain of Competencies
  • Change of Behavior
  • Societal Change

Tandem Cultural Managers Exchange

Created by the TANDEM Cultural Managers Exchange


Often the distinction between output and impact causes irritation. Under impact usually all those aspects are kept with a longer effect on a personal and social level, even when a project or activity is already finished.

The distinction between the both helps initiatives to adapt their planning and to gain information, where they can show more flexibility. Ideally the most important aspect of a social initiative is big impact. If it can be reached with aligned or changed instruments (with then different outcomes) - a change of plans will be welcomed.