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A seminar is an island and we imagine ourselves to be stranded on this island. Now we have to find our own rules.

Time 60 min

Material Standard

Group Size 12-24 people

Keywords group rules, participation, trustbuilding



The participants agree upon a set of guidelines for life on the island, which will then be transferred to behavior within the seminar.


1. Participants are divided into small groups of about 5 to 6.

2. Introduction: Each group finds itself on a small and isolated island. The task for each group is to formulate and note down a set of guidelines to define the life on the island. [20 minutes]

3. In a plenary session, inhabitants of the island present their rules, followed by group discussion: “What are the rules for our seminar?” [40 minutes]


  • What aspects came up quickly?
  • What was easy to agree on and why?
  • What was somewhat harder to solve?
  • On which of the rules can we all agree for the duration of the training?

Nils-Eyk Zimmermann

Nils-Eyk Zimmermann

Editor of Competendo. Coordinator of the project DIGIT-AL Digital Transformation in Adult Learning for Active Citizenship. Network Secretary of the DARE network. Topics: active citizenship, civil society, digital transformation, non-formal and lifelong learning, capacity building. Blogs here: Blog: Civil Resilience. Email:


Please be aware that often rules are not necessary in groups. Adults often do not need rules or at least manage to deal with the breaking of “implicit” rules in a proper way. So before making rules, be aware of the group you are working with and ask yourself whether this group really needs rules or not. An option for a longer training is to wait until the end of the second day and then you will recognize if there are certain rules necessary to conduct the training properly.