Checklist: Your Attitude Towards Diverse Participants

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How do you deal with diversity in your group? A self-assessment tool for you. You could also use them together with another facilitator to prepare a seminar. We facilitators are in a process of lifelong learning so the answers to these questions can change over the years. Therefore we recommend using these questions again from time to time and analyzing your own learning process:[1]

Reflecting on your thoughts and feelings

  • Do you feel comfortable no matter with whom you are working?
  • What pushes your buttons when dealing with different team members and participants?
  • What are the cultural differences that influence the behavior of your teammates or participants?
  • Are you able to describe things objectively before you evaluate them?
  • What kind of benefits can you see in norms and practices you don’t like?
  • To what extent are you adaptable and flexible in the face of change?
  • Can you put yourself in other people’s positions and see things from their point of view?
  • The last time you faced resistance or difficulties, what was your “inner voice” or “dialogue with yourself”? Was it affirming and realistic?
  • What are your core values in facilitation?

Reflecting on your (re)actions

  • How often do you analyze the impact of your values and beliefs on your behavior and your expectations towards others?
  • When you see a behavior that challenges your expectations, do you consider multiple explanations?
  • How do you manage your discomfort when you are uncertain about what to do?
  • How do you adapt your communication style to be effective with a wide array of team members and participants?
  • How do you create a welcoming and engaging environment in your seminar and organization?
  • How do you foster different opinions in your seminar?
  • How do you share responsibility between yourself and the group?


  1. Working Between Cultures/E. Skowron in: N. Zimmermann, H. Fahrun, E. Skowron (Ed.): Diversity Dynamics: Activating the Potential of Diversity in Trainings; Berlin 2014; MitOst; ISBN 978-3-944012-02-5