Checklist for greater sustainability and fairness at your event

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Some ideas for planning your workshops in a globally responsible way.

Coffee and tea

Under which social and environmental conditions is the coffee and tea you provide produced?

  • Is Fair Trade coffee available?


How do you serve water?

  • In disposable plastic bottles? In reusable ones?
  • Is it possible to serve tap water instead?


Which fruits do you offer during breaks and where do they come from?

  • Seasonal and local?

Hot meals

Carefully plan the amount of meat to be served in your catering.

  • Meat consumption is one of the most significant contributors to global warming. Why not go vegetarian for the meeting?


What materials will you use during your training? What is their environmental impact? Are they reusable?

  • If possible, reuse the back sides of flipchart paper or moderation cards.
  • The paper is manufactured from wood, a process that consumes energy.

Digital Support

  • Where could you replace flipcharts by digital pads, boards or messenger groups (e.g. for documentation, collecting questions, gaining feedbacks? For instance:


The transportation industry is another major global contributor to global warming. How do your participants get to the training?

  • Is public transport possible?
  • Is car sharing possible?



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Steps toward action

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