Checklist: Standard Settings for Workshops

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This checklist is recommending materials and spatial requirements for typical non-formal educational settings. We are assuming as a standard in-presence learning and also the widely established practice in non-formal education.

For in-presence-settings

  • Whiteboard or flipchart, paper, markers, if needed pens, cards and tape or self-sticking cards.
  • A space big enough to arrange the group in a circle, usually without tables.
  • Space for group work, ideally in different rooms, or in corners of a big room if it is big enough for having distraction-free group conversations.
  • A (digital) pad, chat, or board for sharing outcome, documentations or questions, e.g. an Etherpad, Pinnet or messenger group.

For digital settings

  • A pad, whiteboard or similar tools, e.g. an Etherpad, Pinnet.
  • A video conference tool or a combination of video conference tools enabling individual or group (breakout rooms) participation, e.g. BigBlueButton, Jitsi.

Hybrid or in Combination:

  • Projector.
  • If interaction is foreseen: internet access for learners, devices.

Digital Support

  • Where could you replace flipcharts by digital pads, boards or messenger groups (e.g. for documentation, collecting questions, gaining feedbacks)? For instance:


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