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One aim of this cheklist is to help you to give an overview about a seminar for persons, that were not at the seminar, especially clients. As well it helps a team to structure their evaluation process and helps to save findings, outcomes or aspects that have to be kept in mind for the future. Keep the report short, but understandable! Always think of, what the concrete target groups (internal or public?) really need to know. 


1. Facility and accommodation

  • Surrounding of the Hotel (journey to Hotel, location, opportunities outside the Hotel)
  • Conditions of the hotel (price-quality ratio)
  • Rooms, food, seminar room
  • Technical equipment
  • Support of staff
  • Recommendation for the future?

2. Cooperation with the intitutions/contractor

  • Organizational support (information about venue and conditions, participants, contact to former facilitators, learning supervisors, mentors etc.)
  • Content support (all materials and handbooks concerning the program, reports from former seminars/years, reports from mentoring training, project applications etc.)
  • Participants (contact before the seminar)
  • Involvement of stakeholders, press and local experts
  • Special needs concerning the evaluation of the seminar

3. Teamwork within the faciltators' team

  • Communication in the facilitator team
  • Preparation process of the seminar
  • Facilitator roles
  • Division of tasks
  • Working atmosphere
  • Integration and support of new facilitators and more external facilitators/experts
  • Exchange of experience in the team and learning process
  • What kind of preparation was offered to the participants
    • e.g. task-related, intercultural, linguistic, risk prevention etc.
    • Who provided such preparatory activities? Preparation in application: participants’ expectations


Learning process

1. Learning goals & outcome

  • Learning goals for the seminar (based on the curriculum for the Final Training)
  • How far were the goals reached? (Please refer also to feedback of participants)
  • What was left open? (Please refer also to feedback of participants)
  • Recommendations for the next seminar / how to adopt the Curriculum?

2. Outcome & Impact

  • Which competences were acquired/improved by participants in your project?
  • Were these in line with what you had planned? If not, please explain.
  • Describe the wider outcome or impact of the training or workshop.

3. Content

  • How did the topics fit with the learning goals?
  • How did the topics work with the group?
  • Were the methods chosen properly?
  • Recommendations for the next seminar or next year

4. Schedule

  • A plan with the overview on Days, topical main steps, used methods

5. Methods

  • Description of new, creative, important, effective methods
  • Describe the methods used to support reflection and documentation of the learning outcomes (
    • reflections, everyday evaluation, buddy time, refelct learning process with a facilittaor or mentor


The Group

1. Group characteristics

  • Social characteristics: heterogeneity, diversity, relevant criteria
  • Attitude(s) regards the learning process: motivation, expectation, active participation...
  • Resources: experience, knowledge (i. e. experts among participants)

2. Group Dynamics

  • Development of the group
  • Solidarity among and support of each other.
  • ..and of the common learning process



1. Evaluation by the Facilitators

  • Sum up for the whole seminar and highlight important aspects

2. Evaluation by the Participants

  • Quantitative (questionnaires, thermometers etc.)
  • Assessment of data accessed by qualitative methods (open rounds, individual feedbacks etc)

Recommendations for the Future

  • For the team of facilitators
  • For the organization that offered the training


  • MitOst/Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg