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The general ideas behind Competendo are based on shaping and strengthening individuals’ key competencies. Thanks to key competencies, people can integrate what they’ve learned into their lives as active citizens and agents for social change. In this way, the result of a learning process is not only knowledge, but also practical skills and attitudes. All these together are helping people to thrive in complex social situations.

Why Especially Civic Competencies are Important

Education for Democratic Citzenship understood as competency-based learning aims to foster initiative, an active role of an individual in public life. This includes a systematic understanding of how ones individual engagement is connected to the society and the political system, or helping citizens/learners to develop a democratic attitude toward other people and groups. All of these abilities are requirements for any successful co-creation and public engagement.

  • Competency-centered learning is the approach.
  • Cooperative experiential learning is the methodology.
  • (Self-)empowerment and participation are the output.
  • Social change is the impact.

Check terminology

These glossaries will explain and translate terms:

Terminology of European education and training policy: 130 key terms
Published by: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training: PDF | Online

A Lexicon of Learning
Published by: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development: A to Z dictionary of what educators mean when they say...

TVETipedia Glossary
Published by: UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre for technical and vocational education and training: TVETipedia Glossary

EPALE Glossary
Published by European Commission: EPALE Glossary

Translation of youth work related items
Published by German IJAB:


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