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It may seem you have spent a lot of time doing other things before working on the “real content,” but all those steps are necessary elements that enable you and your participants to create a good learning experience. While working on the content it is important to provide the participants with a lot of different learning opportunities and use a mixed style of methods.

Every participant learns in a different way and we have to give everybody the possibility to learn as much as possible. At the same time it is very important to stay authentic as a facilitator. If you do not feel comfortable with a method, then it’s better not use it. Working on content in a holistic way means not only addressing different learning preferences but also creating learning experiences that are close to real life. The following approaches and methods support you in such a kind of learner centered learning process management.

Moderation & Presentation

Moderation means to shape a common learning or discussion process. A moderator offers methods and guides the process. Typical questions for moderating are: How to give participants enough space, while ensuring that the goal of the unit is fulfilled? How to prevent stigmatization of minorities? What to do that collective decisions are seen as fair by any participant? How to deal with conflicting needs in a group and how to help to negotiate them?

Visual Facilitation

(Re)discover your natural ability to communicate and express yourself in a more visual way. Explore the potential of visual language and use it for a more comprehensive moderation of learning and group processes

Energizers & Cooling Downs

Energizers and cooling downs have the function to help learners to refocus their attention, to involve into the learning process (again), or to embedd theirselves (again) in the group. These tasks contribute to a methodological balance and variation.

Big group methods

It is an interesting scenario to work with a large number of participants. To also make it fruitful you find here some methods for facilitating processes with big groups.


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