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A method for learning and exchanging ideas on a broad bandwith of topics. Participants go around and visit different tables which are dedicated to one topic or key question each.

Time 90 minutes

Material tables, flipchart paper

Group Size 15-50 people

Keywords big group





A diverse group inspires each other, learns from each other and explores the different facettes of a topic together.


Each topic has a table with a flipchart on it. (for estimated 4-5 participants in one turn)

The table host should be briefed for a quick introduction to the topic and lead a discussion


  • Facilitators introduce the relevant topics or keywords on the tables and explain the next steps.
  • Each topic or key question has a table with a flipchart
  • A table host who will stay at that table for the whole time.
  • The others switch every 20 minutes the table and learn and discuss the topics randomly.


The results, findings, inspirations, or questions should be written down on the flipchart paper and in this way be told to the next group. The flipchart remains on the table.


It should be an relaxing atmosphere , a bit like in a Café: Have tee and biscuits aside and try to arrange it comfortable. In the end you can highlight some facts that were new to the participants in a big round and put the flipchart paper on the wall.


A joint project of the Competendo Community. Implemented with financial assistance of the European Union