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In the 21st century education is always global, more or less no matter what topic or approach we are talking about. Here you find theoretical background information and practical methods.

Articles, Checklists and Methods

Background of Global Learning

Global education is a creative approach of bringing about change in our society. Global education is an active learning process based on universal values. Global education begins with raising awareness of global challenges and creating deeper understanding of the complexity of the underlying causes.

Act locally, think globally: The global dimensions of local learning

The concrete actions we take during a workshop, training, or conference have either a positive or negative global impact...

The Global Cube

The Global Cube illustrates the three layers proper education has to tackle. The three dimensions are: Personal Level, Geographical Level, Topical Level. Here you find a deeper description.

Global Citizenship Education

Two general ongoing trends are relevant: First, there is a political shift toward conservative and right-wing parties. Second, more and more people are interacting globally via the Internet, travelling all over the world, consuming products of global supply chains etc. These two trends symbolize very different forms of learners acting as national citizens versus citizens of the world. Global Citizenship Education seeks to connect both.

Some basic methods of Global Education

In this section you find some ready made methods with a global focus ready for your implementation.

Global Introduction

You can add global components and perspectives right away from the beginning of yor training. Find out how.

World Game

One of the classic methods in the methodology of Global Education: Interesting, Fascinating and Moving

The meaning of nation

Often national backgrounds are covering many other social backgronds. This method allows to reflect on and question the meaning of "nation" for someones identity.

One Step Forward

This Method tackles the question of how certain human rights are for various groups of people.

What Do We Know

An important part of global education is also to admit that there are some things we do not know about this World. This method allows us to find out what it is.

Global Mapping

This method shows your global interconnections and makes them visible.

World Power- Europe

Europe is an important player in international politics and some of us are Europeans. So let`s elaborate and reflect on it

Email To A Company

Global Education allows you to get active. This is one of the activating methods with the focus on critical consumption.


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Handbook Everyday-beyond-book-cover.png

M. Haberl, J. Teynor, M. Prahl,
N. Zimmermann

The Everyday Beyond

European, international and global dimensions of learning processes: Read more

Handbook Gyw-suedwind-cover.jpg

Kate Allen, Charlotte Dwyer

Global Youth Work: Activities for Global Citizenship

Scotdec and partners from C.E.G.A (Bulgaria), JKC (Lithuania), Future Worlds Centre (Cyprus), Südwind Agentur (Austria) and MTÜ Mondo (Estonia): Read more

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