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A small but useful method, that supports the development of your team. Also in situations of dispute but not merely

Time 45 min

Group Size 2-4 people

Keywords team, empathy, listening





Depending on the intensity of a conflict, there are different forms of conflict resolutions suggested. In case you are still on a level where you can talk to each other, where you do not need an external support yet, the following talk might be useful for you.


Go with the whole team to a place you like, this can be a Café, a park, a room in your office you like, ... Be aware that you might need some time for it.

Ask the questions "What about us?" in various aspects:

  • What do I really enjoy in working with you? (there is always something)
  • What are your strenghts from my perspective in our common work?
  • What are my wishes to you for our common further work?

If this is too much, because your conflict is already on a tougher level and you do not really feel like talking with each other like this, firstly maybe you could try Nonviolent Communication.

If non of these approaches work you might either have your own ideas or you might want to include a moderator/mediator to your conflict resolution scenario.