Walls of Problems, Ideas and Parking Lot

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Two walls function as saving and inspiring places for inspiration, information and findings within a seminar. A wall of ideas and a wall of problems

Material two flipcharts, boards or walls

Group Size standard and large groups

Keywords knowledge, group work





Saving findings, inspiration or important aspects for keeping them in mind. Gaining different inspirations and ideas regarding a topic or a problem.

Wall of ideas

There is a wall of ideas, where you can make methodological and contentual proposals. There can be placed reading tips and other factual information. Everyone can show their anger and dissatisfaction on the wall of complaints.

Wall of problems

The wall of problems stores things for which there is no time, but they cannot be forgotten. Those, who want to say something, write it down onto the paper and pin it onto the suitable wall.

Parking Lot

Collect the issues that need to be catched up in a later phase of a process

The storage can be used during the entire seminar or project

Virtual walls

When you have an opportunity to work with internet, you might use an Etherpad or a Wiki.


It is important that you never forget the storage, but pick up the opinions and proposals expressed there. It has a very motivating effect, when you “clear up” the storage now and then and check what is already done...