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With the help of statues different topics and situations can be visualized. This form of presentation gives a lot of space to interpretations, so that different aspects of a topic can be made visible. Starting point for the statuetheather can be either different terms or situations. One participants is the director and he constructs the statue which is made out of the other participants.

This method is particularly useful as introduction into a new topic but also to give a new dynamic to long discussions.

In short

  • 20 people
  • 1 hour

Carrying out

1. The participants agree upon a topic, a situation or a specific problem, which shall be visualized with the help of a statue. [15 minutes]#

2. One or more participants have the role of the director. The other participants are either part of the statue or they are observers. The director starts to develop the statue. He chooses the arrangement of the people, that means where and how the participants sit, lie or stand to each other, what kind of posture, gesture and facial expression they have. He changes it until he is satisfied with the statue. The participants are passive, they can only react on what the director says in order to follow his instructions. [20 minutes]

3. Finally the statue stays like in its final position for about a minute and the director explains himself. He can speak about his satisfaction with the result and tell what he wanted to express with the statue. After that the "statue" can speak about their experiences. In the end the observers talk about their feelings and associations concerning the statue. [25 minutes]