SPACE r. The instruction of using city

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A method for learning to explore the city with all senses.

Time 2-3 hours

Material comfortable clothes and shoes

Group Size approximately 30

Keywords city, urban space, getting to know



The aim is to reflect the way how people perceive and use public spaces differently.


An audience is taking part in series of instructions proposed by the performers, exploring the city as a space of action. These instructions are both local-based, and site-specific, influenced from environments and needs. See examples:

Magdalena Czarnecka


Doctor of pedagogy at University of Warsaw, anthropologist, educational expert with focus on active citizenship, urban development and cultural education.


This work is an example of thinking about a theatre as an experience based adventure and showing the power of participatory audience. It is based on Guy Debord’s conception of the cap­turing and the driftage as a way of fight against commercialization. By puncturing the space we re-give owner­ship of the city to its inhabitants. The city, as a concept, will be changed into polis – the political community with the full rights, duties and access in the public space.


The collecting of material to the SPACE_r is an ethno­graphical process – field-work, possible in relation with inhabitants by providing and creating the situation to talk, which is site-specific. For example, in Berlin Wedding we have prepared mobile coffee table to ask people about their memories about a district. Every SPACE_r is unique and it is focused on some issue or main topic.