Make Vegetarian Food the Norm

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In contrast to most trainings and seminars you might set vegetarian food as "normal" and ask those, who eat meat, to announce that to the organizers, so they could order meat for them. Often teams do it the other way round, where vegetarians have to announce it particularly, that they dont want to eat meat. Actually it is really easy, you just change the norm, still everybody can eat whatever he or she wants and still it supports the vegetarian food.

Why more vegetarian food?

  • Meat is simply one of the most influencial factors for climate change.
  • A lot of landgrabbing takes place for the meat-production.
  • Rainforests are cut because space is needed to grow food for animals.
  • It is possible to supply much more food for much more people by growing vegetables and corn and feeding them directly to humans instead of feeding it to animals which we finally eat.
  • Vegetarianism is healthy.
  • It saves some money for your team or organization, because vegetarian food is generally cheaper than meat.