Cultural Shock

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This method is a brief introduction about intercultural differences and cultural shock.

Time 60 minutes

Material Standard

Group Size 20-25 people

Keywords Discussion, intercultural awareness





The methods aims at reflecting on our preconceived judgments of things and people and to make sensitive to such phenomena as “cultural shock”, “judgment” etc. Additionally it suggests some easy tools for coming from judgment to appreciation.


1. Facilitator collects and writes as keywords different situations from the projects when participants experienced “cultural shock”, something appeared weird or not usual to them and asks for their judgments.

2. Facilitator uses own experience when some traditions appeared weird to her/him. For instance: A facilitator from Georgia can use Georgian SUPRA and Georgian MOURNING as examples and can illustrate the two phenomena in form of pictures.

3. On the right side of the phenomenon the facilitator writes what came first to her/his mind when she faced the situation.

4. After this the facilitator brainstorms on possible tools that has served her in doing research on the phenomena in order to get deeper and get more knowledge on the issue: personal talks, reading books, research, open mind, putting away own beliefs etc.

5. On the left side of the papers the facilitator writes own interpretations of the phenomena that s/he has formed after the research, after learning the background, personal talks etc.

6. Participants group is asked to take one of the points they mentioned in the beginning (see point 1 and make an analysis – first sight (judgment, their first feelings), and what comes after deeper analysis related to possible reasons and background of the phenomenon.

7. Finally, the group work results are discussed and conclusions are made.